Offering, Theme of 2021 Bible Conference Announced

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BJU President Steve Pettit announced in chapel that the 2021 Bible Conference offering would be directed toward the construction of Hope Christian Hospital in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

“We have seen the Lord work miraculously with our most recent Bible Conference offering,” said Pettit. “We’ve seen the blessings of (the students’) efforts (in their) innovative fundraisers, and we seek to have an active goal of evangelizing through long-term action in communities. … This is an incredible opportunity to build a hospital and at the same time to help plant churches.”

The fundraising target is $200,000, a seemingly feasible goal after 2020’s total of $195,293.53.

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Dr. Bernard Kadio of BJU’s Health Sciences faculty presented Hope Christian Hospital to the BJU community in October as a ministry opportunity. Kadio’s model for medical missions — what he calls Christian health centers — has several goals:

  • Reach 15,000 patients per year with health care and preventative programs.
  • Train 20 bilingual nurses from Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Liberia.
  • Develop a maternal, newborn and child health program.
  • Reach 1,500 people (10% of patients) with the Gospel.
  • Start churches in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Liberia.
  • Start 10 churches along the Atlantic Corridor over 10 years.

“I’ve been doing medical missions on the fly-in, fly-out, forget about them basis,” said Kadio. “Now with the Christian health centers, we are going to have a longer presence in the communities, and this will allow us to do active evangelism.”

Kadio said the current need for the effort is human resources. “Our first need is not money. Our first need is not equipment. Our first need is you.” There are some needs for curriculum, equipment and finances, and God has already provided 11 acres of land and a shipping container of equipment. The greatest need is for multidisciplinary teams to help with the work. Said Kadio: “We would like to invite you to join the team.”

The annual Bible Conference, with the theme Sanctify Them from John 17:17, is scheduled to be held in February on the BJU campus. Pettit announced that Dr. Sam Horn, president of The Master’s University and Seminary in California, The Wilds of New England director Rand Hummel, and Will Galkin, pastor of Gospel Grace Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be featured speakers.