Dr. Bob Wood Honored by USAeroTech and FedEx

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Greenville, S.C. (June 20, 2013) – Dr. Bob M. Wood, Executive Vice President Emeritus at Bob Jones University, was honored by USAeroTech and FedEx in a ceremony Wednesday at Greenville Downtown Airport. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the presentation of a 727 aircraft by FedEx to USAeroTech.

Wood was recognized for his vision and leadership in promoting aviation through the programs at Bob Jones University which are now administered through USAeroTech. Mark Spang, President of USAeroTech, noted Wood’s selfless service throughout the past three decades in promoting aviation, particularly missionary aviation. In addition, Beth Rush, with FedEx presented Wood with a model of a FedEx plane in appreciation for his efforts.

The presentation of the FedEx Express aircraft was attended by hundreds of aircraft enthusiasts from across the state. As FedEx retires their 727 fleet, they are donating the jets to aviation schools, colleges and local community airports and fire departments for educational and training purposes. This 727 was the first FedEx Express aircraft donated in South Carolina.

USAeroTech is an aircraft maintenance training facility offering an accelerated one-year training program that prepares students for FAA examinations leading to certification as airframe and powerplant mechanics.