Conferences Tackle Tough Questions Relevant to Teens

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Students walking on sidewalk at BJU

Bob Jones University is inviting teens to campus to participate in the Rooted & Grounded and Steadfast & Secure conferences on Feb. 4-5.

A variety of speakers will address topics relevant to teenagers.

The workshops for Rooted & Grounded, a program for young men, will focus on apologetics and worldview. Speakers will seek to equip young men with answers to the tough questions they might face when interacting with secular ideologies. As the world questions Christian teenagers about their worldview, it is important that they provide answers for the faith they believe.

Workshops for Steadfast & Secure, a program for young women, will focus on knowing God through His Word. The aim of this theme is to enable young women to face the trials of life in light of who God is and His desires for our lifestyles.

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