BJU Students Conduct Coin Drive for GHS Children’s Hospital Patients

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (December 17, 2018) – Bob Jones University students organized a coin drive which raised over $900 to stock “Blessing Baskets” for families of sick children who will spend the Christmas season in GHS Children’s Hospital.

The Leadership and Communication class spearheaded the school wide effort to fill baskets with toiletries, snacks, candy, socks, gift cards to Chick-fil-A or Walmart and a toy for the child. Members of the student body also contributed cards for the families. The successful drive resulted in 35 baskets and 20 individual gifts. Excess cash will be donated to a family in financial need.

“We were blown away by the generosity of the student body and were very happy to partner with GHS,” said BJU faculty member Chelsea Fraser. “The GHS Children’s Hospital has approximately 500 children in its care and the Neonatal unit has 85 beds, of which more than 70 are currently full. The need for help and encouragement is great and we were so privileged to be able to minister to the Greenville community this holiday season!”