BJU Science Ambassador Returns to Creation Museum

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George and Darlene Matzko demonstrating science

Photo used with permission of Answers in Genesis

Water is colorless, tasteless and fortunately doesn’t have a smell. “What’s more boring than water?” BJU science ambassador Dr. George Matzko says.

But water, which is found flowing through the pages of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, is anything but boring. In fact, Matzko says, water is the miracle chemical. That’s the title of one of the three programs Matzko and his wife Darlene will present for the second consecutive summer at Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Invisible Properties of Air and The Mysterious Electron are also program topics.

Each engaging session designed for a multi-generational audience explores God’s purposeful design for the universe and includes a discussion of two Christian pioneers of science to demonstrate that Christianity and sound science go hand-in-hand.

The presentations, which begin May 10, are free with paid adult Creation Museum admission or Museum membership. Children 10 and under enjoy free admission with a paid adult. Check the Museum schedule for presentation dates and times.

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Water “is one of God’s good gifts to us,” says Matzko, who has been representing BJU as science ambassador since 2018 after teaching at the University for nearly 40 years.

“One of the miraculous properties of water is that ice floats. If it was like every other liquid, the rivers and the lakes would freeze from the bottom up (and) it would kill all the fish,” Matzko says. “So God made this unique, miraculous substance to keep life alive on the earth.”