BJU School of Religion Announces Name Change

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (September 6, 2023) – Bob Jones University recently announced the School of Religion is changing its name to the School of Theology and Global Leadership.

“Our new name better conveys our dual emphasis on theology and leadership and more accurately describes who we are and the opportunities our students have today,” said Dr. Kevin Oberlin, dean of the School of Theology and Global Leadership. “While we are known for training leaders, we also want our students to become globally aware—to be comfortable communicating the gospel across cultures.”

Incorporating the word “theology” in the name underscores the robust theological framework in all our academic programs. Theology emphasizes our commitment to the Bible and the process of biblical hermeneutics, biblical theology, systematic theology and practical theology that answers relevant worldview issues and life questions.

In conjunction with the name change, there will be a new major titled Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Leadership, a new missions major. Options for double majors along with concentrations and certificates have also been added.

To view the offerings of the School of Theology and Global Leadership, click here.