BJU Hosts Guthrie Mathematics Tournament

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (February 6, 2024) – Bob Jones University hosted the second annual Guthrie Mathematics Tournament Saturday, Feb. 3. The event, named in honor of Dr. Gary Guthrie, who taught mathematics at BJU for over 50 years, is a one day math competition open to high school students from public, charter, private and homeschool. The competition challenges future STEM majors in their problem-solving abilities and builds community within the field of mathematics.

At this year’s tournament, 26 participants, from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, had the opportunity to use their mathematical knowledge and logical thinking in individual and team formats. The students participated in sessions on the mathematical topic of fractals and learned tips about choosing a STEM college program.

“We’re excited to have spent time with such gifted students. Their enthusiasm for math and logic is invigorating,” said Dr. Melissa Gardenghi, chair of the BJU Division of Mathematical Sciences. “We hope to work with them in future years at an EDUcamp or as a STEM major at the collegiate level.”

In the individual competition, students attempted 30 problems across a variety of mathematical subdisciplines. Teams then collaborated on solving 10 different challenge questions and participated in a speed round of math-related questions. The tournament concluded with a logical math puzzle challenge, similar to an escape room.

Throughout the competition, six BJU mathematics faculty members judged the submissions and guided the students. Students had the opportunity to interact with collegiate math students and faculty, explore potential pathways to a career in mathematical sciences and meet peers with similar interests.

For publication of this year’s winners and additional information about the tournament, click here.