BJU Announces The Beneth Peters Jones Memorial Scholarship

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Bob Jones University recently announced the creation of The Beneth Peters Jones Memorial Scholarship in honor of the life of Beneth Peters Jones, the late wife of former BJU president and current chancellor Dr. Bob Jones III.

“We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for Beneth and the Jones family,” says BJU President Steve Pettit. “This scholarship fund is a fitting way to honor her memory and unwavering commitment to our student body.”

After her passing on February 2, BJU received numerous requests from women around the world who were impacted by Mrs. Jones’s life of ministry, asking if they could contribute in a way that would continue her legacy of sacrificial service. In consultation with the administration, the BJU Board of Trustees established an endowed student scholarship fund for women to continue her vision.

During her life, Mrs. Jones invested in many students by giving timely anonymous gifts to meet pressing needs. As someone who worked her way through college, she knew firsthand the strain that families were under to provide for their student’s education. This understanding led her to actively seek to be a blessing to struggling students.

Those who wish to contribute to the fund may do so at Memories of Mrs. Jones are being collected for a video presentation. Brief videos, humorous stories and quotes may be sent to

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