Executive Vice President

Ministering to Those with Sexual and Gender Struggles

Sam Horn Interviews Tim Geiger

Sam Horn interviews Tim Geiger about how the Church needs to be engaging in discussions about sex, sexuality and gender.

Sam Horn (BA, ’86; MA, ’88; PhD, ’95 from BJU) joined the executive team at Bob Jones University in January of 2015.

Sam has served in both academic and pastoral roles throughout his ministry. Sam desires to use his experience in pastoral ministry, teaching, and academic administration to recruit and train students for all disciplines and to embrace the mission of advancing the Gospel and serving the Church effectively.

Dangers of Living in a Transitional Stage of Life

November 15, 2018

Sam Horn’s Itinerary

Sunday, Feb. 24 (a.m.)
Oak Ridge Baptist Church
Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Sunday, Mar. 10 (a.m.)
Community Baptist Church
South Bend, Ind.

Sunday, Mar. 10 (p.m.)
Bible Baptist Church
Wakarusa, Ind.

Monday, Mar. 11
Community Christian School
South Bend, Ind.

Mar. 15–17
Colonial Baptist Church
Virginia Beach, Va.
(Grace Essentials Pastor’s Conference)

Sunday, Mar. 17 (p.m.)
Bethel Baptist Church
Hampton, Va.

Sunday, Mar. 31 (p.m.)
Florence Baptist Temple
Florence, S.C.

Apr. 1–2
Florence Christian School
Florence, S.C.