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Dining Services Information

BJU Dining Services staff has modified seating arrangements, cleaning schedules, menus and more at its locations across campus to ensure the safety of guests.

This information will be updated with any changes, and dining services is also communicating via its website and social media accounts.

All Locations

  • Floor signs will be placed throughout all dining services locations, reminding guests to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others.
  • Occupancy capacity will be reduced and monitored.
  • Dining services employees will undergo health screening upon arrival. They will also be required to wear face coverings and gloves while at work as well as wash their hands every 20–30 minutes.
  • Adjusted hours allow extra time to sanitize the premises.
    • The dining common will close during chapel and during afternoon cleaning.
    • Cuppa Jones will have shortened hours on the weekend.
    • Cuppa Jones Express will not reopen this semester.
    • Estaban’s will be closed on Friday evenings.
  • The dining services staff is looking into providing additional outdoor seating options.
  • Plexiglass guards will be added to cashier stations and additional plexiglass guards will be at dining common food stations.
  • Additional staff will be assigned to clean and sanitize tables between guests.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed by the entrances and throughout all locations.

Retail in The Den

  • Dining services is following the national franchise guidelines for both Papa John’s and Chick-fil-A.
  • When in the Den, you must be in a seat or in a line. No congregating inside is allowed.
  • Orders for Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s and Cuppa Jones can now be placed through the Dining Sidekick app. Using the app will shorten lines and cut wait time, ensuring customers stay safe and service is simple and speedy.

Dining Common

  • Students will swipe their own ID cards rather than handing cards to a dining services employee.
  • Limited menu options will be provided to help speed service.
  • Silverware will not be available at the food stations but already on tables, and plates will be kept behind the line.
  • All food will be pre-plated or served by a dining services employee, and self-service stations such as the cereal bar will be removed.
  • Community tables will be separated into smaller tables and separated for physical distancing.
  • Overflow seating for the Kalmbach Room is available in the Davis Room.
  • Clean tables will be indicated with clean silverware packets.
  • The gluten-free section will remain, and the precautions may result in less cross contamination from non-gluten-free food coming into the section.

Grab & Go

  • Grab & Go will still be available at The Growl at Davis Field House.
  • Expectations for Grab & Go in the dining common:
    • Food will still be pre-plated.
    • Students will get a plate and place contents into their box. Staff cannot touch a student’s Grab & Go box.
    • Return dirty dishes to the dish belt before exiting the dining common.
    • Plan on consuming your food within an hour’s time of picking it up or refrigerate immediately to prevent health concerns.

Students in Isolation or Quarantine

  • Dining services will coordinate with the Student Health Services Office to deliver three meals a day to students who are in isolation or quarantine.