Show Yourself: National Selfie Day

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Hal Cook taking a selfie in the bucket truck in front of the Davis Field House

Happy National Selfie Day! Though the term “selfie” has only been around since 2002, the concept of the self-portrait has been around since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Self-portraiture became popular during the Renaissance with one of the most famous self-portraits being Leonardo da Vinci’s painted in 1512. Self-portraits caught on film didn’t develop until the 19th century when Robert Cornelius captured the first self-portrait daguerreotype in 1839.

In the early 2000s when social media became popular, profile pictures created a need for self-portraits—now called selfies. With the introduction of Instagram with its filters and the iPhone 4 with its front-facing camera in the 2010s, the creation of selfies exploded. Now, hardly an event goes by without someone saying, “Let’s take a selfie!”

To celebrate National Selfie Day, we asked our administration and deans for some selfies from their favorite summer activities so far.

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Steve Pettit, President

Steve Pettit and his wife Terry have led trips to Israel for BJU with Sam Horn and Gary Reimers for 12 years. This photo is from this year’s trip which included visiting the pyramids in Giza.

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John Matthews, VP for Advancement and Alumni Relations

John Matthews and his wife Erin celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Waikiki and Maui. Matthews says, “Snorkeling in the ocean with a variety of marine life was a thrilling and memorable experience.”

Darren Lawson, Dean, School of Fine Arts and Communication

This summer, Darren Lawson did production research in Washington, D.C., for future BJU musicals.

Jon Daulton, Dean of Men

Jon Daulton and his wife Kim took a trip up to Maine this summer. Daulton says, “There’s nothing like a June sunrise in Maine—5:03 a.m. / 46 degrees!”

Deneen Lawson, Dean of Women

Deneen Lawson enjoys having more time during the summer to spend with loved ones. Here, she is with little friends whose lives she’s been a part of since day one. Lawson says, “I love them dearly and want to have an impact in their young lives!”