Around Greenville: College Student Discounts

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Your student ID card — yes, the one with that awkward freshman picture — can become your passport to reduced prices. Did you know that there are several places in Greenville where you can get student discounts just for being in college?

Restaurant Discounts

It’s Sunday evening, and you’re hungry. Your friends just left for the Papa John’s in The Den, but you’re broke. You mentally debate what to eat. Finally, you resign yourself to your usual ramen for dinner. Again.

But you wish you could go out with your friends and eat something that’s not dining common food or ramen. Those get old after a while.

Thankfully, several area restaurants offer either a discount on a meal or a free drink when you show them your student ID. Make sure you ask first, as not all locations of nationwide chains participate in offering student discounts.

  • Stax’s Original — 10% off (now offered to BJU students in addition to Furman students)
  • Blueberry Frog — 20% off
  • Pink Mama’s Ice Cream — 10% off
  • O-CHA Tea Bar — 10% off
  • Kilwin’s — 20% off
  • Your Pie — $6.98 for a pizza and a drink on Mondays
  • Chick-fil-A — free drink with purchase
  • Chipotle — free drink with purchase
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill — 10% off
  • Burger King — 10% off
  • Dairy Queen — 10% off
  • Papa John’s — 10–20% off
  • Pizza Hut — 10–20% off
  • Dunkin — 10% off
  • Firehouse Subs — 10% off
  • McDonald’s — 10% off
  • IHOP — 20% off
  • Sticky Fingers — 10% off
  • Subway — 10% off
  • Taco Bell — 10% off
  • Waffle House — 10% off
  • Arby’s — 10% off
  • Buffalo Wild Wings — 10% off
  • Jack in the Box — free drink with purchase

Several other restaurants, especially those near campus, offer student discounts. If you’re not sure if a restaurant offers a discount, show your student ID and ask.

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Clothes and Shoes Discounts

The soles of your favorite shoes just passed away. Their souls are now in shoe heaven, strolling down gold-paved streets. On top of that, your favorite jeans just shrank two sizes in the dryer.

But you’re still on earth, and you need shoes — and clothes. You check your budget and realize that without discounts, you’re stuck buying secondhand clothes and cheap shoes the campus sidewalks will eat in a heartbeat.

There are several places where you can get discounts on clothing if you show your student ID. Also, by downloading the Unidays app, you can access discounts in the following stores as well as many others:

  • Adidas — 15% off
  • Aeropostale — 15% off*
  • American Eagle — 20% off*
  • Asos — 10% off (get student code online)
  • Banana Republic — 15% off
  • Brooks Brothers — 15% off
  • Dockers — 20% off*
  • Express — 15% off
  • Hollister — 10% off*
  • J. Crew — 15% off
  • Levi’s — 15% off*
  • New Balance — 10% off*
  • Oliver Wicks — $50 off any ready to wear or custom-tailored suit
  • Reebok — 30% off*
  • Under Armour — 10% off*

*with Unidays app

Technology Discounts

You’re typing furiously at your desk. It’s past midnight and your essay is due in the morning. To break up the tension, you stand up to take your fourth bathroom break in the past hour.

As you stand up, you bump the coffee cup next to your laptop, and the unthinkable happens. Your vanilla latte splashes across the keyboard. Suddenly your laptop’s dead. And so is your grade.

You clearly need a new laptop, and thanks to student discounts, you can get a better deal. Many tech brands offer student discounts. Remember to use Unidays to save even more money.

  • Adobe — up to 60% discounts on Adobe software
  • Adorama — 15% off select electronics; also have a student rental rewards program for cameras and camera equipment
  • Alienware — up to $150 off*
  • Apple — up to $200 off a MacBook and $100 off your Apple Store purchase if you buy a new MacBook*
  • Dell — with the purchase of a PC over $699, get a free Dell tablet*
  • HP — special prices on HP Academy*
  • Lenovo — discounts on select electronics (partnered with
  • Logitech — 25% off*
  • Samsung — up to 30% off
  • Sony — special offers when you sign up with your .edu email address
  • B&H — special deals for students on photo and video equipment through their EDU Advantage program

*with Unidays app

Transportation Discounts

Christmas break is right around the corner, and many students are traveling. Did you know you can also get student discounts on travel? StudentUniverse is a company that offers cheap plane tickets, hotel bookings and tours.

These are some of the companies that offer travel discounts:

  • Greyhound — 10% off bus rides
  • Amtrak — 15–25% off train rides in Virginia, New York and the Midwest (check website for details)
  • STA Travel — discounted plane tickets for students
  • Eurail — 23% off train tickets for European travelers 27 or younger
  • ISIC — While this company doesn’t necessarily offer discounts, it does offer an International Student Identification Card. This card proves you’re a student traveling internationally, and it gives you access to student discounts in other countries.

Now that you know about these student discounts, make the most of them. Buying a new pair of shoes or a plane ticket could be cheaper than ever.

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