Class of 2019: Then and Now

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BJU 2019 graduates then and now

Time passes. People change. And though four years might not seem like long, the college years are some of the most formative of an individual’s life. Take a look at how some of our prospective graduates have grown in their years at BJU.

Felipe Arias Correa

“As an international student from Colombia, I heartily rejoice that I had the opportunity to have BJU be the tool God would use to make me grow not only in knowledge and praxis, but also in Christlikeness. Since the first day of classes, my mind and heart have absorbed all the things BJU offers for my personal growth as a Christian foremost and as a future professional. The combination of Christ-minded teachers, chapel, discipleship group and society creates a great scenario to learn, love and lead. We don’t need a sharp mind alone to be good leaders. One could have a sharp mind, but it would avail nothing if we have a dull heart. Knowledge and a Christ-sharpened heart is what we need to be effective leaders in a changing society. I thank BJU for teaching me that.”

Karis Tompkins

“Coming into freshman year I planned to get a nursing degree and play collegiate volleyball, but God had a different path for me. I played on the Bruins volleyball club team during the spring semester but after that, God changed my desires about playing collegiate volleyball. I was able to use the extra time to build relationships with others around me and gain athletic training experience (a large factor in getting accepted into graduate school). At the end of my freshman year, I realized my passion for sports medicine, so I changed my major to Exercise Science. Through academic and life pressures God allowed in the rest of my college years, I found the internal changes that took place were far more significant than external changes as God has taught me to find my satisfaction and identity in Him alone. I look forward to using these valuable lessons learned at BJU for the rest of my life!”

Stephen Grider

“My college experience here at Bob Jones University has been used by the Lord to bring together His plan in my life. When I chose BJU, it was not just because of soccer. It was because I wanted to be passionate about pursuing after my faith in Christ. I wanted to pursue after the One who saved my soul from sin. God has used this passion to follow after Him to make big steps of faith in the last four years of my life. I have grown to know and understand that my faith in Christ is what defines me. I realized that my purpose is to give Him everything in my life, and in doing so God brought me to find a new passion in my life, a family. God brought my wife and I together in marriage December 15, 2018. I would have never have thought that God planned for me to be married, and He uncovered my passions of leading and serving others to use me for His plan. I have grown from a young and ambitious freshman to a graduating senior whose passion is his family and the Lord. God is very good.”

Casey Paziora

“In the past four years at Bob Jones University, I have grown in many ways that I did not think were possible. The most impactful way in my life that I have grown was through my spiritual relationship with Christ. I entered onto the campus of Bob Jones with the mindset thinking that all I wanted to do was go home, but it didn’t take me long to realize that this place was my home away from home. As many times as I had wished my family was with me through my best and worst of times, it took me to go through those times to realize that I was never alone. It was in Christ alone that I had assurance that everything I would face He would see me through and never leave me.”

Karl Walker

“I think two things I have gained in my time at Bob Jones University is a love for learning new things and growth in my own personal character. The liberal arts education has cultivated in me a desire to always be learning new things about the world, as the various subjects reflect various aspects of God and His dealings with the world. My personal character has grown in the midst of all of the struggles I have faced while being here, as well as the immense opportunities to develop myself as a leader.”

Angela Gaal

“My four years at BJU challenged me immensely spiritually, mentally and socially. Nowhere else would I experience rich, investive conversations with friends and professors who encourage me to pursue Christ in all life decisions. As one professor accurately attested, the curriculum is an inch wide and a mile deep. You’re taken out of your comfort zone and pushed to the next level. Through college, I’ve become more outgoing, professional and a leader. Never before has my mind been stretched and my appreciation for our beautiful world grown. I have seen God provide countless times, pushing me to look upward and live purposefully. When I look back on my four years here, I see God and His bountiful grace.”

Austin Williams

“I can hardly believe that my time at Bob Jones is coming to a close! I remember seeing my syllabus, then taking my first general biology test and quickly realizing what college would be like. I felt overwhelmed that first semester both with schoolwork and trying to meet new people, but the Lord really showed me what it meant to rely on His strength and not my own. I’m very glad I learned that lesson early on, and now leaving college I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendships I have built over these four years.”

Madi Rumfelt

“During my time at BJU, I’ve grown leaps and bounds physically, mentally and spiritually. I came here at age 17 from Northern California and knew no one! I joined the Bruins cross country team and learned how to competitively race; I majored in nursing and learned that the Dream Team of 26 students pursuing their BSN can truly exist. Most of all, I’ve realized how strong the love of Christ is because it binds everyone on this campus together. I’ve learned to embrace the grind, lean into the challenge, and trust the process. This University has shaped to be a better vessel for my Savior, and I am forever grateful.”

Anna Aldridge

“Bob Jones has taught me how to grow in my personal relationship with Christ, love others in the way that Christ would love them, and translate that relationship and love into how I care for my patients as a Christian nurse. These four years at BJU have truly challenged me and have taught me to trust God every step of the way.”

Joanna Darnell

“The four years I’ve spent as a student at Bob Jones have challenged me both academically and spiritually. The combination of rigorous classes and growth in my Christian walk have thoroughly prepared me to leave BJU and pursue a career through a biblical perspective. As a future health professional, I am eager to apply the knowledge gained from my classes and internship in my chosen field. I’m thankful for a place like BJU that has given me an excellent education, lifelong friendships and a greater love for my Savior.”