Timothy Dahlhausen Interns with Faith Baptist Mission

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (July 11, 2018) – Timothy Dahlhausen, a senior cross cultural service major at Bob Jones University, serves as an intern at Faith Baptist Mission in Boiffo, Benin (West Africa).

Dahlhausen, a resident of Easley, South Carolina, assists a church plant with building projects and community outreach efforts. He receives leadership training and exposure to missions on a foreign field. Dahlhausen also works with the doctors and staff at the Benin Clinic.

The clinic work provides quality medical care and basic health education that can help the people in the region avoid preventable diseases. Clinic staff partner with the local church in Boiffo to advance the Gospel.

“I look forward to learning about missions in a Sub-Saharan African country and how God may want to use me in the future to reach the unreached,” Dahlhausen said.