SaraRose Lefler Serves as Student Teacher for Riverside High School

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 26, 2016) – SaraRose Lefler, a senior science education major at Bob Jones University, serves as a student teacher for Riverside High School in Greer, South Carolina.

Lefler, a resident of Rocklin, California, is gaining hands-on experience in grading, planning and preparing lessons, and teaching a variety of classes and labs.

“Student teaching focuses on teaching students, but it has taught me far more than I’ve taught them,” says Lefler. “I’m learning to overcome my fears and gain confidence through daily practice of classroom management, lesson presentations, and teaching methods. Teaching is a skill that improves gradually through practice and learning from your mistakes and is never boring since it challenges me to try endless new and creative approaches. To be able to pour into lives and work with students every day gives a rich blessing.”