Robin Krehbiel Interns with State Savings Bank

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 29, 2020) – Robin Krehbiel, a junior information technology major at Bob Jones University, is completing an internship with State Savings Bank in Manistique, Michigan. 

A resident of Manistique, Krehbiel handles user management for bank employees, online banking user support for customers, network security monitoring, vendor management and bank website improvements

“This internship has been a hands-on opportunity for me to experience community within the workplace, cultivating and building relationships with customers and the need to pursue continual growth, as well as improve services provided,” said Krehbiel. “I have built genuine relationships with the people I have been working alongside of, and I feel much more confident that I will build the same amazing relationships when I go out into the workforce after I graduate.”