Nathanael Truax Serves as Intern for Gator Country Rescue

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 6, 2018) – Nathanael Truax, a sophomore biology student at Bob Jones University, serves as an intern this summer for Gator Country Rescue in Beaumont, Texas.

Truax, a resident of Loudonville, Ohio, will be taking care of animals, maintaining the exhibits, and removing nuisance alligators from client’s property. He will be involved in Gator Country’s efforts to educate the public, entertain guests with hands-on experiences, and further conservation efforts.

“This internship has helped me to gain invaluable experience in the field I want to go into” says Truax. Gator Country Adventure Park, one of the largest sanctuaries in Southeast Texas, houses over 450 American alligators, crocodiles, and a variety of reptiles.