McKinney to Serve as Assistant Professor of Biology at BJU

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (September 11, 2017) – Dr. David McKinney will join the Bob Jones University faculty in the College of Arts and Science this fall as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology of the Natural Science Division. Previously, McKinney served as a teaching assistant for biological sciences at the University of Georgia.

“We’re thankful that Dr. McKinney, a graduate of BJU’s biology program, will be joining our natural science faculty this year,” says Dr. Renae Wentworth, dean of the College of Arts and Science. “Dr. McKinney brings to his faculty post not only outstanding credentials and expertise, but also an enthusiasm for his subject matter that is sure to inspire his students.”

McKinney earned a BS in Biology (2008) with a minor in chemistry and a MS in Counseling (2010) from BJU. He also earned an MS in Entomology (2011) from the University of Nebraska and a PhD in Entomology (2017) from the University of Georgia.

McKinney served as a lab instructor for human anatomy & physiology and general biology, a teaching assistant for biological science labs, and volunteered as a tutor for cell biology, general biology and chemistry at BJU. He also worked as a summer lab technician, student lab coordinator, and biology department lab assistant during his time at BJU.

McKinney has written numerous publications including his study of behavioral priming in jumping spiders and his research concerning how calcium influx enhances neropeptitde activation of ecdysteroid hormone production by mosquito ovaries.

McKinney has won numerous awards in his field and is a member of several professional organizations including the Entomology Society of America, South Carolina Entomology Society, Association for Biology Laboratory Education, University of Georgia H. O. Lund Club, and the American Arachnology Society.

“I am very excited to be teaching alongside some of the people who shaped my future when I was a student at BJU,” says McKinney. “I saw in the faculty then a longstanding purpose in glorifying God. Now, by God’s good and perfect grace, I find myself in this same position, preparing others to discern truth from error in a world nearly incapable of distinguishing empirical fact from philosophical fiction. It is my joy to serve among the many faithful witnesses here among the faculty, staff, and students of BJU.”