Kellen Funk to Speak at BJU Pre-Law Forum

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Greenville, S.C. (January 23, 2014) – Kellen Funk, who received his BA in History and MA in Church History from Bob Jones University, will be the featured speaker for the BJU Pre-Law Forum Thurs., Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. in Levinson Hall on the BJU campus.

Funk is currently working toward a joint Juris Doctor and PhD in American Legal History from Yale Law School and Princeton University, respectively. He is a member of the Yale Law Journal and has served as a Submissions Editor for the Yale Law & Policy Review.

Funk has nearly completed his law degree at Yale and is working on his doctoral dissertation at Princeton about how the American legal profession and jurisprudence has evolved since the 1850s.

Members of the community are encouraged to attend the event.