Kayla Baldwin Interns for Sunny Mullarky Studio

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (October 27, 2017)  – Kayla Baldwin, a senior studio art major at Bob Jones University, serves as an intern at Sunny Mullarky Studio in Greenville, South Carolina.

Baldwin, a resident of Guam, works side-by-side in the studio with Sunny Mullarky. Her responsibilities include packing and organizing prints, managing the studio’s Etsy shop, and overseeing the retail operations in the studio.

“This internship is giving me hands-on learning experience with a self-starter who made a name for herself as an artist,” says Baldwin. “What I’m learning in the creative realm is invaluable, and the experience I’m gaining will help launch me into the art world after I graduate. I’m so grateful to Sunny for her willingness to teach and advise me as an artist.”