John Duddles Participates in NextGen Scholarship Program

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (August 22, 2017) – John Duddles, a senior biology major at Bob Jones University, participated this summer in the NextGen Research Scholarship Program. NextGen is a research company focused on studying medicinal plants in order to discover natural drugs as a healthier alternative.

In order to be eligible for the NextGen Research Scholarship, students must demonstrate remarkable aptitude for scientific research in biotechnologies, physics, chemistry, engineering, robotics, computer science, and biomedical research. Students are chosen based on their academic record, scientific interest, and demonstrated skills.

Duddles, a resident of Warner Robins, Georgia, is working on a biotechnology research project. His responsibilities include taking care of a variety of plants, preparing fertilizers, collecting data on plant growth, performing a variety of laboratory procedures, and writing journal articles.

“Experience is everything for getting into graduate schools and the work force,” said Duddles. “I was able to participate in every step of the research project, from the preliminary research all the way to producing a paper for publication.  The experience I received this summer will better prepare me for future research projects I will be doing in graduate school and in my career.”