Bob Jones University Hosts “Pillars of Personhood” Seminar

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GREENVILLE, SC (March 7, 2016) –The Bob Jones University Public Policy Organization is hosting a “Pillars of Personhood” seminar Saturday, March 12 from 9 a.m.—1 p.m. in the Davis Room located in BJU’s dining common.

Attendees at the free seminar will explore personhood as the human rights issue of the 21st century and the fastest growing segment of the pro-life movement. The seminar will educate participants on the sanctity of human life and how to examine the ethics of modern technology such as cloning, assisted suicide, genetics, and pharmacology.

The event will include discussions on the biblical foundation, history and bioethics of the sanctity of human life, what personhood means, and the threats to protecting innocent life in a developing technological world.

Conducted by Georgia Right to Life (GRTL), the seminar examines why advancing the concept of personhood is the means to protecting all innocent human life.

“Denying the right of personhood to groups of individuals has shamefully been used to legalize abortion, slavery and to justify the killing of millions in Nazi Germany. It is pivotal people understand we are in a human rights battle, and personhood is the umbrella that protects us all,” said Joshua Edmonds, GRTL’s Director of Education and Legislation.

“There are answers to the difficult bioethical discussions of our time, and we the people will be the ones making the decisions as more and more legislation arises on these issues and as life changes through these technologies and practices,” explained Bethany Walker, Bioethics Advisor to GRTL.

Edmonds and Walker, who will be conducting the seminar, emphasized that educating the public about the modern pro-life debate and the realities humanity is facing is key to creating a culture of life and protecting the most vulnerable among us.

The seminar is open to the public. Those interested in attending may secure free tickets here.