Bob Jones University Graduates Finish with One of Lowest Student Loan Debt Figures in South Carolina

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (August 23, 2018) –Bob Jones University students have one of the lowest student debt figures in South Carolina according to the recently published LendEDU report. Within the state of South Carolina, Bob Jones University ranked 2nd out of 18 schools and 57th among all similar private schools across the nation.

To inform potential borrowers of the amount of debt they will incur while attending college, LendEDU analyzed information from Peterson’s voluntary financial aid survey which collected responses from 1,080 four year public and private institutions of higher education.

The report details the average student loan debt per borrower and the percentage of graduates from a given institution with both student loan and private loan debt. Rankings are listed by schools with the lowest average student loan debt nationally and on an interactive state map. Distinctions are made between private and public institutions and totals are compared to the previous year’s (2016) average.

This comprehensive study revealed that BJU placed 114th out of 1080 schools across the nation and second only to Coker College in South Carolina for the lowest amount of debt held by graduates. The average 2017 college graduate in South Carolina owed $30,310 upon completion of their degree. In comparison, BJU graduates owed over $9,000 less than their contemporaries.

View the complete ranking and methodology here: click here.

“We continually strive to keep our tuition affordable while providing a world class education for our students,” said BJU President Steve Pettit. “These rankings highlight the incredible value that we are providing to our constituency.”

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