BJU Named as 15th Best Value College in the Nation

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (September 3, 2014) – Bob Jones University has been named the 15th Best Value College in the nation by Educate to Career College Ranking Index – 2014 (ETC).

According to ETC, the index analyzes the quality of students when they enter a given college, the total costs related to attending the college and the outcomes of the students when they enter the labor market. The rankings results are determined by which schools did the best job of improving the earnings and attainment of quality employment of their students.

“Our goal at BJU is to prepare students for life,” said BJU President Steve Pettit, “ETC provides yet another measure of the value of a BJU education in helping our students succeed in life and in their chosen vocation.”

The ETC College Rankings Index is comprised of accredited 4-year colleges with annual enrollments greater than 1,000 students. The Index analyzes publicly available data for more than 1,200 colleges, representing 94% of all students enrolled in 4-year colleges.

Some of the metrics used in calculating the college rankings include:

  • Percentage of graduates employed in occupations which utilize their field of study
  • Average salary earned by recent graduates, by school for each major category (adjusted for region, occupation and other variables)
  • Percentage of persons employed within one year of graduation (weighted on an occupational trend basis)
  • Major, weighted against national norms
  • Number of years to graduate
  • Tuition net cost
  • Loan default rates
  • A basket of input variables which norm students to a common standard for each major