BJU Hosts Living Gallery Media Day

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Living Gallery media day

Jason Parker, cameraman for WSPA and typically the one asking the questions, said of Living Gallery, “It’s an interesting way to present the arts. It gives people a new perspective on the arts. It takes people outside their comfort zone and the element of knowing that art’s not just a frame or a piece of pottery, but it’s just everyday life.”

According to Darren Lawson, dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication, “The folks here in Greenville love this program so much. What the media does for us is they help bring it to the attention of the audience.”

With that in mind, local media were invited to a Living Gallery media day event April 9.

Journalists and reporters were given the opportunity to interview Lawson; Jeffrey Stegall, director of this year’s production of Living Gallery; Kim Stegall, writer of the drama portion of the production; and student models who are part of the painting Peter’s Denial by Carl Bloch. Media representatives also had the opportunity to film makeup artists and set designers as they transformed models into works of art.

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The drama portion of the 2019 production of Living Gallery, “Somewhere Forever,” centers on the happenings of Java Babble, a fun and funky coffee shop. Jim, a Christian businessman, interacts with three different fellow customers and shares the Gospel. At the end Jim has a monologue, part of which is a prayer for the three others. Jeffrey Stegall said, “It’s so sweet to hear Jim pray for them.”

New to this year’s production is the first non-religious painting ever included in a Living Gallery production. Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks will open the show, leading from the 1940s-era diner into the present-era coffeeshop.

Tickets for Living Gallery can be purchased online or by calling (864) 770-1372.


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