Cinema Department Produces Award-Winning Video

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USEOW first place winners

GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 27, 2019) – The BJU Cinema Department recently collaborated with the South Carolina Highway Patrol Community Relations Office to produce a traffic safety video presentation that was awarded first place at the Uniformed Safety Education Officers Workshop (USEOW) held June 9–14 in San Antonio, Texas. The USEOW is comprised of highway patrols from 22 states and Canada.

Ahead of the annual meeting, the South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP) contacted the department about filming a visual presentation to be shown at the workshop. The SCHP selected the theme of drunk driving prevention since it is the leading cause of traffic fatalities in the state. Faculty and students in the cinema department then wrote, directed and produced a short video presentation, “The Legacy,” to be shown at the conference.

The SCHP’s entry won first place followed by media presentations from Mississippi and Texas. All agencies were given copies of the presentations and can adapt them for use in their respective regions. The film, which tells the fictional story of a newly engaged couple whose futures are irreparably altered after the decision to drink and drive, will now be shown to nonviolent, first time offenders in order to demonstrate the consequences of impaired driving.

“As a faculty, we were very proud of the students and the job they did. They were reliable and jumped right in to help with whatever was needed,” says Sharyn Robertson, head of the BJU Cinema Department. “We know this film has the potential to be shown all over the country and we are excited for the quality of our program to be recognized in this way.”

Members of the faculty—Sharyn Robertson, Christopher Zydowicz, John Murray—were assisted by student directors Nick Yasi and Chantel Dewar. The student production crew was comprised of Trevor Kolman, Mark Kamibayashiyama, Zachary Hudson, Daniel Quigley, Matthew Seest, Brandon Riddell, Kyle West and Gabriela Gaduh. Bradley Hamilton and Susannah Coleman played the lead roles.

Since 1968, the USEOW has been held to highlight best practices, share information and build community among state and highway patrol agencies around the promotion of ideas to enhance public safety and safe driving initiatives.