Bible Conference: Living Rooted in Effective Prayer

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Bible Conference 2019: Let Us Pray

One of the oldest and most-loved yearly campus events at BJU is Bible Conference. From walking in the grass to taking a break from classes to hearing messages from God’s Word, the week is refreshing on many levels.

This year’s speakers include new faces as well as returning speakers.

The theme for this year’s Bible Conference is “Let Us Pray.” When asked why prayer is so important to today’s culture, Alan Benson, BJU vice president for student development and discipleship, says that “through prayer, God’s people are reminded that God is real. They become renewed in their awareness that there is a God and that they are not Him. They are called to humility through their recognition of their needs which they cannot meet, but God can.”

Added Rand Hummel, director of The Wilds of New England, who is among the speakers: “Living in the crazy, noisy world that we live in, many fear quiet. Unless we learn to get away from our noisy world by going into a prayer closet and shutting the door, we will never be in the place to hear God’s still, small voice.”

Benson hopes that those attending Bible Conference learn not just what prayer is, but practical tips for how to pray.

“I want us to realize that God made us as we are so that we would communicate with Him, so we need to have real conversations, born out of the agony and ecstasy of our heart. We need to engage with all our hearts, mind, will and emotion in conversations with deity.”

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