Ben Brewer Named to President’s Club

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Greenville, S.C. (November 21, 2013) – In the University’s chapel service Nov. 21, Dr. Stephen Jones, president of Bob Jones University, awarded Ben Brewer, a sophomore Christian ministries major from Greer, the Overcomer Award.

One of six President’s Club awards, the Overcomer Award is given to a student who has demonstrated the perseverance necessary to stay in school in the face of unusual family, financial, or physical hardships.

A fellow student nominated Brewer for the award by stating, “Throughout his multiple struggles, Ben has kept a Christlike testimony. Every time I see Ben, I am blessed. He constantly reassures himself and others that God is good, in control, and knows exactly what we need when we need it. I have no idea how I would handle such difficulties as Ben has faced, but God’s hand of grace is evident in Ben’s life. Ben keeps a cheery attitude, loving to joke with others. He is always fun, friendly, humble, and grateful to others and to God.

Ben also works extremely hard to accomplish his school work and the other tasks given him by God. Ben’s love for God is also very evident. Once I was privileged to have my chapel seat in front of Ben. When we sang, it was amazing. I heard more than his voice. I heard Ben’s heart, and it was beautiful. One time Ben visited my prayer group and was full of praises to our Heavenly Father. Despite his multiple hardships, he strives every day to do his best for his Savior, and that is why I think Ben Brewer, by God’s grace, deserves the Overcomer Award.”

Students are nominated for President’s Club awards by faculty, staff and their peers, and a committee selects recipients from the nominations received. In addition to recognition in a President’s Club chapel, recipients have their photo displayed in the university Student Center and enjoy dinner with the president.