Anna Boggs Interns at Redemption Church of Lacombe

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (August 20, 2022) – Anna Boggs, a senior business administration major at Bob Jones University, completed an internship with Redemption Church of Lacombe in Lacombe, Louisiana. 

A resident of Lacombe, Boggs serves as communications/social media manager. Her responsibilities included creating graphics and managing the church’s social media accounts. She also designed infographics for the church foyer wall and hallway, produced welcome gift ideas and suggested improvements for the church website. Her duties included monitoring the livestream and social media each Sunday, designing and formatting the weekly newsletter, and taking photos and videos at events.

“This internship helped me tremendously in making what I’ve been learning at college come to life,” said Boggs. “I was able to apply a lot of what I learned in different classes, and it gave me a much better idea of what I am interested in doing after graduation.”